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i’m rebekah rose

Several years ago I found myself burned out, stressed out, and living life in the future. I was constantly living in fast forward, I wasn’t honoring myself, my time, or my relationships.

Sound familiar?

I decided there has to be more, there has to be another way which lead me to taking a step back re-assessing my life, and doing some major work.

I embraced my power, healed old wounds, started to live in the present, honoring my past and keeping an eye on the future rather than spending all my time worrying about it.

I started truly enjoying my life. I naturally began to be a more kind, compassionate, and empowered being because I was in touch with myself and living from an authentic place.

I decided to help others expedite this process so they don’t waste any more time living an unaligned life and instead live an embodied, mindful life with true purpose.

I live in the Reno-Tahoe area but work internationally with the power of technology. I love being in nature and you can usually find me paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe, exploring the mountains, or wild crafting herbal blends, & potions. I am a proud dog mamma to my little French Bulldog Hank & wife for life to my loving partner Kevin.

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Feel stressed out?

Feel like you can’t break out of your current patterns & cycles?


Ready to take action?

Sick of letting outside influences control you?

Ready for your coach to help you stay on track?


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My Approach to Mindfulness







Mindfulness starts with cultivating an awareness practice. Aware of our physical bodies, our emotional bodies, and our surroundings. My unique formula takes you through a step by step process that leads you to celebrating and enjoying the life you are creating right now

Mindset work is an essential ingredient to any kind of change but, can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Together we will create little shifts that are jam packed with results to help you break through limiting beliefs, wake up empowered, tune into your inner intuition, and release others expectations

Integration is one of the key pillars of working with me. Unfortunately, there is no zero to zen potion, creating a fully mindful life takes time. Which is why I created a multifaceted support system to make the integration process fun & easy


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